Original Art


My block prints on fabric are original art prints. Each repurposed sail, sail bag or vintage fabric has lived a life prior to being repurposed as the substrate that receives the art print. No two prints are alike. Though the image that is transferred is the same the application, colors and substrate all change for each printed piece.

Prices for original art vary greatly. Small, unframed originals art starts at $250 and my largest original art is upwards of $6000

Original art is a worthwhile purchase. Original art holds more value than art prints and is a great way to add a unique touch to your home or office.

Most original art is signed by the artist and dated. Knowing the medium used to create the art can also be helpful when trying to determine if an art piece is an original or a print.

If you are looking to maximize the potential resale value or own something no one else has original art is a great investment, as are signed prints. Art is an excellent way for investors to diversify their funds while beautifying their home and for collectors who are looking to store value. "