A beach towel is a towel specially made for use at the beach. Our surfer towels are the best beach towels because they won't collect sand, absorb up to 3 mugs of water, are super compact, mildew resistant, and fast drying.

Beach towels are used for drying off at the beach and laying on as a barrier between you and the sand.

Our beach towels are made of a polyester and nylon micro-fiber blend.

Our beach towels are 30" x 70"

Our Surfer towel beach towels are made for the beach! Bath towels are heavy weight looped cotton. They suck up sand, dry slowly and welcome mildew. Our Surfer Towel beach towels area soft and smooth microfiber blend that won't collect sand, drys fast, folds up small, absorbs a ton of water, and is mildew resistant.

Our Surfer Towel beach towels cost $45