Gallery Walls


A gallery wall is a pre-designed grouping of art that has been specifically chosen as gallery wall prints to work together as a unit to beautify your space.

To create the perfect gallery wall you should have gallery wall prints that compliment each other, but have enough stylistic differences to create visual interest. When choosing gallery wall prints it is helpful to have varying sizes and shapes of art prints that have colors that work well together. Fortunately we take the guesswork out of creating a gallery wall by offering groupings of gallery wall prints all ready for you to hang in your space.

When picking gallery wall prints it is important to choose artwork that works well together. You should choose gallery wall prints of different sizes and shapes, with colors that harmonize together.

Gallery wall prints are sold as a group. A group of pre-selected gallery wall prints range in price from $549 - $1195.

A gallery wall doesn't need to have a theme, but it can be helpful for there to be some unifying element, whether that is theme based, or simply gallery wall prints that hold special meaning to you.

A gallery wall can be decorated with additional items or left to stand on it's own. Our gallery wall prints work together to create a gallery wall that doesn't require any more thought from you other than that wall is the perfect wall for your new gallery wall.