Limited Edition Prints


A limited edition print has a specified number of prints that are made. Once that number is reached the limited edition print is retired. My Limited edition prints are all signed and numbered.

Limited edition prints are all hand signed and numbered by the artist while open edition prints are unsigned. Both prints are printed with archival inks on acid free Epson Sommerset Velvet fine art paper.

The benefits of buying a limited edition print are collectability and the assurance that the artist has interacted with the print. Limited edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist himself. This makes them more collectable and more likely to increase in value than open edition prints.

Limited Edition prints range in price from $95 to $985 depending on the print size and number produced in the edition.

Yes! Limited edition prints can be a good investment. Scarcity is always an advantage when investing in art. The limited quantity, and fact that the prints are signed by the artist, both add value and collectability to limited edition prints.