Canvas Prints


While we wouldn't recommend taking you canvas prints for a dip, they can handle some exposure to water. If liquid splashes on the print it is best to wipe it off before the liquid dries. Prolonged exposure to moisture could cause the wood frame to shift or warp.

Canvas prints can fade depending on the inks used and canvas prints are printed with archival inks and can last up to 400 years. While we wouldn't recommend placing them in direct sunlight they are far more colorfast than traditional prints made with non-archival inks.

Canvas prints are printed off of a canvas roll. The canvas roll is fed into a fine art printer and the canvas is printed in a manner similar to an inkjet printer, using archival inks. The print is trimmed after printing is finished. A wooden frame is built on which to stretch the canvas print. The canvas is then stretched over the wood frame and stapled to the wood. The back of the canvas print is then covered with heavyweight finishing board and hanging hardware is attached.

You can clean a canvas print with a feather duster. If a damp cloth can be used if needed as well.

Canvas prints can last up to 400 years!

My canvas prints range in price from $195 -$1295 depending on the size of the canvas print.