I've launched a batch of new art prints. The art for this series is a mishmash of concepts, many deriving from brainstorms for client work, and quite a few that have ended up on t-shirts. Most were created in the last year or two.


My "Shaka" print is a reworking of art originally made in a collab with Lightning Bolt Japan. 


"Peace Begins With A Smile" based on a quote from Mother Teresa, "Yin Yang" based on the Chinese concept of balancing forces, "Vagues" wave art, and "Shine" sun art were all made into t-shirts in collaboration with Thalia Surf. I even made the "Shine" artwork into an animation!


Peace Begins With A Smile T-shirt

Vagues Wave Art

Vagues Surf Tee

Shine Sun Art

Shine Mens Sun Tee

Shine Tones Sun Tee

Shine Sun Animation


My "Costa" beach art, "Wategos" wave art, "Ojai" wave art, and "Adrift" and "Perch" surfboard art pieces all came about just from sketching and trying different brushes and mark making techniques.

Costa Beach Art

Waters Wave Art

Ojai Wave Art

Adrift Surfboard Art

Perch Surfboard Art

 All in all these pieces are a glimpse into some of the ideas, concepts and techniques that have drifted in and out of my head, and sketchbook, over the last year or two. I hope these surf and beach inspired art pieces bring a little joy to you life, and space.