Thank you to everyone who bought art from me in December! I told you when the month started that I would donate all of my profits from online sales from Dec. 1 until Christmas to Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to help get Foster Kids adopted, and together we raised $4,383! I like round numbers so I’m going to round our donation up to $4,500 :) If giving to others is not part of your life I’d encourage you to consider changing that. Even if you don’t have extra money to give, there are so many ways to give of ourselves to help those who need it. And the bonus is that giving feels amazing! Whether it is lending a hand, an ear, a few kind words or a hug, let’s be there for each other in 2022 like never before! 

Even though the December donation has already been made, sales of my Be The Light art prints are donated to Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption year round!

 Be The Light