What: Matthew Allen's You Are Right Where You Belong Art Installation and Show

When: Sunday Nov. 19th 11am-4pm

Where: Daydream Surf Shop, 864 W 16th St. Newport Beach, CA 92663


You Are Right Where You Belong is an experiential art installation by former Surfer Magazine art director, and Daydream Surf Shop regular, Matthew Allen. A multidisciplinary artist, Matthew's work is often dictated by concept rather than style or medium. Much of the work for this show was created during a period marked by a transition from disillusionment, to acceptance, and ultimately, joy. Born from a place of immense gratitude for his life juxtaposed with an underlying discontentment over unmet desires. Matthew was influenced by Rick Rubin's call to make work that we are uncomfortable making, and dove into expressing his discontentment through his visual art. This process of honoring of his present state lead to a body of work that documented Matthew's changing outlook over time.

Leading up to the show Matthew spent time observing, and seeking inspiration from, the gallery space itself. He set out to create work that uses the space to engage visitors and encourage collaboration. A number of these pieces can only be fully experienced in person.

There are retrospective elements to this show as well. Some of Matthew's favorite work from the past is featured on the walls, and in a zine, and flip book that were created for the exhibition. Retrospective artwork includes rotoscope animation, photography, watercolors, and block printed pieces that reflect Matthew's evolution as an artist.

This show includes collaborative and personal sculptural furniture work by Devon Pedersen.