Thalia Surf shop was overflowing on Thursday as friends, family, and fans came out to view my High Line rotoscope animation, and the mixed media art pieces that I created to accompany the film. Kelp Fried drove down from Santa Barbara to provide the soundtrack to the evening, playing as the sun settled into the sea. With the animation looping on the big screen, and art hanging from the walls, vibes were high. Juneshine, Mananalu and Bearing Fruit Vineyard kept our whistles wet and conversation flowing. 

There are a few original art pieces still available via Thalia Surf as well as signed, limited edition prints and a t-shirt featuring my High Line art. Click through to see all of the great art that is on offer. The animation itself is actually for sale as well in NFT form. You can bid on the animation on Open Sea by clicking here. This 162 frame rotoscope animation was hand drawn based on the surfing of Ryan Burch from a clip by Ryan Thomas.

A rotoscope animation is a frame-by-frame animation based on a video. This is how animation used to be done, even Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland! It is a very involved process, with each image of the animation hand drawn. Hundreds of art pieces combine together to form a moving picture.

The artwork and animation will be on display until the end of the month so come on down to the shop to see it all in person!